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Sea inside Pool


The wave generator for existing swimming pools

The wave creation process is based on the excitation of a natural frequency of the pool. So sinus waves are created with very small energy and they are totally safe for the pool and the swimmers.

At stopped state, the case is at lifted position and does not obstruct the pool, which can be used in its basic functions.

Before creating waves, the case is lowered slowly to pool surface where it fills with water. Than the motor pulls on the case during a short time and leave it lowering again. Repeating of these lifting and lowering actions creates the waves. All the operations are made without action of the swimming instructor.

In overflow-based pools, the presence of the waves makes water to be transferred into the auxiliary tank and so lowers the water level. After lowering of 10-15cm the waves height becomes acceptable.

The equipment is installed near of the pool border on deeper part. For a swimming pool of 25x12 meters the case is 2.5m long, 1.2m wide and weights 80kg.

The Rave Wave is the safest system in wave generation and is CE certified.

European Patent : EP 0 972 122

Softwaves: Rue du Moulin 245, B-6061 Charleroi, Belgium e-Mail